Information Security

Information Systems and Technology is ubiquitous – which invariably extends to filiation that various concerns related to Information Systems of various industrial verticals are omnipresent.

Are you concerned with?

  • » How do I convert business objectives into technology objectives?
  • » Whether our policy and processes cover information security and controls effectively?
  • » Compliance with Customer centric data protection requirements
  • » How to investigate data breaches and system compromises?
  • » Safety of Network infrastructure
  • » Are our information systems aligned to best practices and global standards?

Information Security – the necessary inevitable of today's world!!

Information, output of data processing is one of the most important assets in any organization. Technology is deployed to manage these assets. Over a period of time, use of technology has gradually increased helping organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness, thus improving overall ability to achieve its strategic aims. This makes security of the information – which stands closely coupled with management of the technology – a key concern.

Primarily, the information security is looked from four perspectives –
1. Confidentiality (Only authorized access)
2. Integrity (Only authorized modifications)
3. Availability (Systems are available as per the business requirements)
4. Non–Repudiation(Non denial of digital communication / contract)

To protect the information assets to the desired level, organizations require to be on the wavefront of the latest technology, must be updated about possible threats to the information and corresponding countermeasures. In a field where change is the only constant, many a times, it is very difficult to ensure security level – thus making services of security professional an integrated part of the technology.